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Fossils, Minerals, Quartz, Obsidian, Dinosaur, Spinosaur, Coprolite,

To catalogue each unique specimen would require a website of its own, so here is an overview of some of the items currently in stock.

If you're interested in purchasing anything listed here, please contact me via Brockmail & I'll be happy to supply you with more information & detail photographs of specific items.

All prices shown are exclusive of shipping : Dimensions are for guidance only

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Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine,
Green Calcite,
Orange Calcite,
Chalcanthite, Copper Sulphate, Laboratory Grown Crystals,
Agate, Fire Crackle Agate,
Purple Fluorite,
Blue Fluorite,
Mookaite, Mooka Sheep Station, Australia,
Red Jasper,
Rose Quartz Heart,
Zebra Stone, Australia,
Phantom Quartz,
Quartz Skull,
Picasso Stone, Skull, Utah USA,
Jet, Fossil Driftwood, Mongolia,
Obsidian, Volcanic Glass, Mexico,
Bismuth, Laboratory Grown Crystal,
Pyrite, Fools Gold, Cube, Platonic Shape,
Pyrite, Fools Gold, Cube, Platonic Shape,
Stromatolite, Blue Green Algae, Fossil, Bolivia,
Spinosaur, Dinosaur Tooth,
Otodus, Shark Teeth,
Corax, Squalicorax, Shark, Teeth,
Bryozoa, Fossil, Filter Feeder, Barnacles,
Coprolite, Fossil, Turtle, Madagascar, Pooh, Shit,
Pirate T-Shirt, Muddy Waters Children's Books, Minerals, Fossils, Gemstones, Pirate Flags, Skull Scarf, Bandana, Neckercheif, Adult T-Shirt, Children's T-Shirt
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Amethyst Skull
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Brockheim Design, Fossils, Minerals, Crystals, Stall,

Natural Treasures on the stall @ Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2013

Brockheim Design, Fossils, Minerals, Crystals, Gemstones,
Fossils & Minerals are natural products which have inherent surface & structural imperfections
No two specimens are identical so each stands alone in its collective uniqueness!

Photographs & illustrative graphics depict specimens in stock at time of original publishing

Fossils & Minerals, or their custodians, don't normally react well to being dropped on hard surfaces or eaten, so many of these specimens are potentially unsuitable for children under seven years old.

: All items sold as geological artefacts only :
: At no time is it implied that any specimen has either medicinal or healing properties :

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